Tuesday, June 12, 2012

34 weeks

-My wedding rings are back! Hooray! Even though last week I told you my fingers were getting puffy, apparently they changed their mind and I've been able to wear my rings for the last few days. My ankles aren't swollen anymore either. I'm sure this is temporary, but I'll take it.

-The pain near my pubic bone I talked about last week is still here. It seems to be worst when I'm getting up from bed. Other than that I'm still relatively comfortable and can't really complain about much.

-Our 34 week ultrasound was pretty uneventful. My mom and mother in law came along, which they definitely enjoyed, but it was definitely harder to see the baby this time. He's pretty squished in there! I have one close up, 3D shot of his face that turned out, but that's about it. I will try to share it soon! The good news is that my "low lying" placenta is just fine.

-We got our pack and play in the mail this week! Nate assembled, Mocha supervised.

-I now have stretch marks on my belly. Several run through my tattoo. Boo hiss. There are also a few more on my hips, and I'm sure more are on their way. I'm trying to remind myself that my body is awesome, 90 some percent of Americans have them, and that I predicted this would happen months ago.

-We spent some time in the hospital this week. Read about that here. Also, as of this morning at my follow up visit, I've gained 35 pounds. My weight gain seems to be pretty steady, and baby has a couple pounds to pack on yet. Estimates put him between 5 and 6 pounds right about now, and his main job over the next few weeks is to get fatter. Crazy.

-One big announcement: I accidentally blabbed our baby's name to someone. It was totally Kona's fault. I was talking about the cute Boppy cover we had just bought (it's covered in little dogs) and I said, "Kona, why are there dogs on so much of Xxxx's stuff?". It just slipped out, and they totally heard me. Luckily this person (who will remain nameless to protect their identity) loved the name, and swore not to tell a soul. I can't wait to tell everyone!

-Not much else to report this week. I'm still feeling pretty thankful to have made it this far. :)

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  1. I hope your doing alright! Just around the corner from D-Day! You look great btw! Hey thank you for the comment with the advice, I will deff look into it!!!