Wednesday, November 23, 2011


i was feeling inspired by this post, and thought i'd put together little list of things about my home that i'm thankful for. we've owned this condo for just over 2 years now, and although it's definitely not our "forever" home, we've worked hard to make it feel like ours in the last year. we'll likely be here a couple years yet, so i might as well love it for what it is, no?

1. closets. i did not grow up with walk-ins, but now that i have them...i'm not sure i could go back.!

2. our laundry room. it was not long ago that i took a weekend every other a month to drag boatloads of clothes to the laundromat. i still remember the time that i accidentally left one basket of wash on the roof of my car and drove away. its not much fun to walk up and down the block gathering your dirty clothes (in the snow, no less). anyways, i love that we have a washer and dryer, and now they're in a cute laundry room to boot (ps: those photos are coming, i swear).

3. our tiny garage (and my amazing husband who lets me park in it). this is minnesota...let me tell you, not shoveling/scraping snow off of my windshield before work is a big blessing.

4. location. i have a 15 minute drive to work, and nate doesn't even need a car to get to his place of employment. i love being within a 30 minute bike ride too. hooray for short commutes.

5. my little family. i love snuggling with the pup and waking up next to nate. my little kitties keep me company on cold nights, and really...i couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

breaking dawn ;)

Okay...No making fun of me you guys.


Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release?
No =( I work the next day so I'm going on Saturday with my sister and friends. Psyched.

Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn?
Actually I'm looking forward to see how they portray the pregnancy. In the books it sounded like Bella looked awful so I'm curious to see what they do in the movie. It better be good. Also..I'm curious how they kept the gory birth scene PG-13. In the book they say the kid chews through the placenta...and um, that's not PG-13. Also, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing Edward break the headboard.

Team Edward or Jacob?
Edward. Seriously, knowing how the series ends, how can anyone be team Jacob?!

Favorite book in the Saga?
Eclipse. It was just so happy! New Moon was my least favorite.

Are the books or movies better?
The books. Definitely. Same for Harry Potter, but that's another topic isn't it? :)

What do you dislike about the series?
I think Kristin Stewart is a terrible actress. She's just so awkward! And I wish they would have stayed a little more true to the books when making the movies...when I saw the first film I was actually pretty disappointed. I think the trick is not to read the book right before watching the movie, that way the details aren't fresh in your mind!

Your craziest fan moment.
I bought Breaking Dawn at midnight and took two days off from my (part-time college) job so I could stay up over night and read it. Excellent decision. I've also watched the Breaking Dawn trailers an embarrassing number of times...

Do you have a Twilight collection?
I own all the books and movies, but no Twilight t-shirts or anything weird.

Your turn. Link up here.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


There are:

5 days until Friday
6 days until I get to see Breaking Dawn with Hannah, Ange and my little sis
9 days until the afternoon outing the hubs and I have planned to kickoff my four day weekend
11 days until THANKSGIVING with the fam
12 days until I get to see Andrea (and Ange and Hannah)
13 days until the BYM takes on Ikea Chicago
27 days until my family reunion up north


41 days until CHRISTMAS

Yeah, I'm pretty excited. And it's officially time for Christmas music. Yep.


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

and i quote:

sorry i haven't posted in a week. life is crazy. be back soon. in the meantime...


(just ordered a print of this. too sweet.)

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

oh how pinteresting


Here a few of my favorite funny pins. I apologize if any are offensive.

All sources available here.

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life lately

1. I just signed up for an awesome nail polish swap at Fabulous but Evil. Pretty sure Tara is a genius, I'm quite excited to get some pretty new polish!

2. We were up to our ears in home renovations for the last few days...but the good news is that we're almost finished with our new laundry room, and I'm psyched to show you. It involves purple stripes and a chandelier and it's officially the girliest room in our house. I LOVE it.

3. I'm trying hot yoga on the 12th with Hannah. I've heard so many bloggers rave about it, and if it's truly as fantastic as you all say, I might sign up for a monthly membership. Winters are brutal here, so sweating my buns off in a sauna like yoga room sounds like it might be the best idea ever.

4. I just started the Hunger Games. I hope it's as amazing as everyone says!

5. My 30 for 30 is still going well, but I decided not to post photos. The posts related to it are usually not read or commented on, so I figure I'm boring you all.

6. I think that seeing people you know in Walgreens with your cart full of oddities is very awkward. Do you really need to see the new eyebrow grooming tool I'm buying? No. #awkward

7. Kim Kardashian's divorce is ridiculous, sad & pretty pathetic. Marriage is not something to throw around (or use as a money making ploy). I thought the media around her wedding was disgusting, and I think the media around her divorce is equally so. That's all the words I'm going to waste on that subject. :)

8. There are two link ups involving Pinterest that I've meant to join for awhile now, but I keep missing them! YHL's and the Vintage Apple's. Hopefully soon!

Back soon.