Wednesday, November 02, 2011

oh how pinteresting


Here a few of my favorite funny pins. I apologize if any are offensive.

All sources available here.

PPS: leave your Pinterest link in the comment section. I need new peeps to follow.


  1. Cute post!! Those sayings with the drawn people always crack me up too. haha. ps,

  2. Ok so I clearly need to get pinterest because these are awesome! They remind me of all the great bumper stickers we used to send each other on Facebook back in the day. My favorites are definitely the Pluto one, the sex tape one, the watching DVR in sweatpants (so appropriate), and the one with the man and woman choosing colors....These all made me laugh for a few minutes on end.

  3. I just searched "no soliciting signs" on pinterest yesterday! There are some good ones I'm ready to make! check out my pinterest for something else to tickle your fancy!

  4. Just found your blog via Joelle. Saw "Packer fan" and I'm sold!


    P.S. Have you seen Eva Mendes' sex tape video? Your pin made me think of it!