Monday, October 24, 2011

take 2!

Tomorrow is the kick off of my second 30 for 30 challenge. I really enjoyed this the first time around, so I'm excited to kick off a challenge with fall themed clothes.

Here's what I'm doing, in case you're unfamiliar:
1. Choosing 30 items from my closet
2. Wearing only those items for the next 30 days (exceptions: camis, undergarments, gym clothes, winter coats and accessories)
3. Abstaining from shopping for the duration of the challenge
4. Learning how "work with what I've got" and also discovering what pieces would be worthwhile to add to my closet

For more info, check out the brains behind the operation here.

1. I am not a fashion blogger, so you should have low expectations :)
2. There is no cute way to photograph large piles of clothing, so I just threw everything on the bed and took snap shots, sorry!
3. Hopefully I'll do better with taking photos this time, but no promises
4. Hannah is taking photos of hubs and I for our Christmas cards in early November, I may or may not wear something else for the photos. We'll see.

Let's start with the shoes..

black boots - Diba
tan boots - Madden Girl
camel flats - Lands End
black flats - Dr. Scholls
metallic loafers - BC
grey pumps - Madden Girl

Both pairs of boots are newer, so I'm excited to log some miles in them. I wear flats a lot, but I don't often wear those camel colored ones - I just haven't "broke them in" yet. The grey pumps are really cute, I just need to man up and wear heels to work!

Three pairs of neutral pants:
black cigarette pants - Gap
dark grey trousers - Gap
khakis - American Eagle

Neutral Tops:
grey t-shirt - Old Navy**
white blouse - Maurices
ivory blouse - Pac Sun

I've had both of these blouse for a really long time, and I don't often wear them. Someone once told me the white one looked like a pirates shirt, but I am determined to prove them wrong. I've had the Pac Sun one for years (I don't remember the last time I shopped there) and want to find new ways to wear it.

**As I was going through these later on, I realized the grey shirt had a hole. I subbed a white crewneck shirt instead.

Neutral tops: 

black scoop neck tank - three dots
ivory cable knit sweater - Gap
white button up - Gap
cowlneck - Kensie

The white button up I purchased after my last challenge..I didn't have one, and thought it would be a smart buy. You may notice that I included a lot more neutrals this time around. During my last challenge I had way too many skirts and pants and not enough neutral tops. Lesson learned.

Colorful tops:

red tee - Victoria's Secret
dark green tee - Gap
thin wine colored sweater - Gap

I heart this sweater, it's new. The other two are just basics.


floral, pleated skirt: Anthopologie
brown pleated skirt: Gap
Black skirt: Target


dark trouser boot cut from a local boutique
skinny jeans from Express

Last time I only included one pair of jeans, but I can wear jeans to the office on Fridays so I thought two pair was a better fit for me.


paisley print - Rampage
maroon cotton - Old Navy
black v neck - Target

I'm hoping to jazz the black and maroon ones up a bit as I've had them forever. Colored tights, perhaps? I've had the paisley print one for a long time too..I'm hoping I find a good way to wear it to work. 

Three sweaters/cardigans:

floral print sheer cardi - Target
ombre navy and blue cardi - ella moss
black and grey blazer - free people

Here we go!


  1. Oh fun!! Excited to see how it goes! :)

  2. Cute idea!! Considering trying it myself!

  3. Such a fun challenge! I love the whole mix/match thing...making the most out of your wardrobe! It's all about the boots these days:-) xoxo

  4. Good luck on this second go around!

    Excited to shoot pictures with you soon (+ yoga date, + running a 5K, + seeing a movie... etc.)